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Geoffrey Clarke is a published author, senior academic manager and advisor in the field of Higher Education.  

Publications to date include Over his Shoulder (London: Excalibur, 1993) The Lingering Clasp of the Hand (Hull University Library, 2005) and Rider Haggard His Extraordinary Life and Colonial Work. A Literary Critical Biography The Online Publication 2012 (free)     Also published 2013: 'Mysterious Irrationality: English Literature and Islam'.

"Two Minute Haggard" with its resemblance to the Haggard personal life history thus:

 Protagonist in love with local maiden - Travels to Africa to find fortune - Beautiful native girl falls in love with him -Difficulties, hardships and major fighting with local warriors- Finds subterranean passage/underground river leading to the gold - Ancient ceremonies, human sacrifice and killing with the protagaonist saved - Fills pockets with treasure - Leaves Africa and returns to marry local maiden and live happily ever after.